About Company


The key to the successful understanding of introduction of the company Science and Technology Park Plc (hereinafter referred as „SATP“) and its proclaimed goals is primarily the person of the founder with Czech origin Mr. Milan Friedrich, who emigrated from the pro-Soviet Communist Czechoslovakia at the end of the Cold War in 1980‘s through several countries to the United States and founded there in his age of 21 his first business.

The key to the successful understanding of introduction of the company Science and Technology Park Plc (hereinafter referred as „SATP“) and its proclaimed goals is primarily the founder Mr. Milan Friedrich.


History of the SATP, especially in terms of the creation of facilities and conditions for its emergence, indirectly goes back to 1992, when in the Czech Republic began to act company called American Way Group as an offshoot of the American eponymous predecessor. American Way Group acted as an important component of global corporations operating in the fashion industry and in long-term was one of the World’s top distributors and producer with more than 10 000 employees in several countries. American Way Group continued in its action until the exhaustion of their growth potential, when the limit in this field was reached and company could not expand further.


Company SATP was established in 2007 as part of an ambitious plan to stand side by side with other progressive organizations in the search for new directions on a way of human progress. This purpose is manifested in daily functioning as well as in the general approach of the company management to the objectives of the company so as to their surroundings and environment.


The aim of our company is to contribute in creating a perspective background for a sustainable development through the creation of long-term visions, which are not limited by scientific-technical or political formal conventions of presence, and through them to allow rational demarcation of timeless goals and their gradual implementation. The key to meeting our objectives and their searching we see in the promotion of human creativity and in research in areas with not only easily recognizable potential, but as well as in cases that may be for the first view considered irrelevant, whether it’s due to the natural limitations of current human knowledge, lack of resources as well as because of skepticism, which may not always be constructive.
The purpose of our efforts is to push the boundaries of the contemporary private sector and come out not only to meet the new conditions and requirements of the nowadays socio-economic situation, but also to make a real step towards the creation of a new prototype of private company that bears its appropriate share of social, environmental and ethical responsibility in symbiosis with the fulfillment of the natural phenomenon of creating resources to meet its needs, which, in our opinion does have to be no longer necessarily diverge with the interests and needs of the society..
We respond through this way to calling upon the international community for rebuilding the basic pillars of the current model of capitalism and the establishment of the path to sustainable development and its real application. Because we understand that modern business must become socially responsible and beneficial for the society, SATP intends to be a partner to organizations and states in solving such crucial issues as food security, meeting the global demand for water and energy security – in which we see passkey to future.