Science and Technology Park


In science and technology park we test all the products and from the best we build our own power plants . We can offer you complimentary information regarding our testing on invertors, panels, and constructions, as well as the option to purchase any of the products that we have selected.

The SUN2000-30KTL-M3 from Huawei

We have selected this invertor because it is relatively new on the market and it has 4MPT for 30KWP+. In this configuration you generate the most money from your solar power plant .

The Canadian Solar MONO 550W


We have selected this module of this panel because you get the most money from your space . Be sure you get the 550KWP+. The Canadian MONO 550W solar panel is a high-efficiency and durable module that generates more power from sunlight and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Its high power density makes it suitable for installations with limited space or requiring maximum power output. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable solar panel. Be sure you get the 550+. 

Our own Mounting system for you Solar Power Plant.

Based on our testing we made the most cost effective mounting system on the market .

Our optimized mounting system is the best solution for your solar panel needs. It’s durable, lightweight, and engineered for maximum energy production. Plus, it’s easy to install and highly customizable.